Streets from my bed

With the "stay at home" period, I first choose to spend time to dive into my  archives, and didn't feel satisfy. I've been wondering how to not break my street photography routine without leave my quarantine place.
From monday to friday, i publish on Instagram my street photographs "from my bed" shot with Google Street View as if it was my daily photographic routine of lunchtime, before Covid-19.
I find it a good training for the eyes you need in the streets.
I publish series of 5 images with a specific purpose each day except week-end and non working days. I will update this blog every publication day.
Complete series on instagram: @obatalaphotography​​​

new ongoing story

I just began a new work about american western culture in Europe. Both in Color and BW. If any editor could find interest, all remarks and advices are welcome.
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